The next generation COST and CARBON estimating and forecasting solution.  Simple to use, fully integrated with carbon costs and rich with functionality that professionals expect.


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The next generation Cost & Carbon estimating and forecasting solution


Transform your Cost & Carbon estimating with a powerful and adaptable digital solution that satisfies the needs of today.

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Improve and innovate with Sterling

Sterling can help you:

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Sterling key features

Here are some of the key features you can expect and how Sterling will benefit you and your team

Cost Planning

Helping you to – Build robust estimates

Easily develop your project estimate from the top down or bottom up within a simple to understand hierarchical structure, fully integrated with carbon and rich with functionality that professionals expect.

PAS 2080 Carbon Calculator

Helping you to – Prove and improve your carbon footprint

With Cost & Carbon truly integrated at resource level, Sterling is able to  instantly calculate and report carbon in accordance with PAS 2080*.

*Capital Carbon available today A1-5.  Remaining whole life calculator coming soon! 

Flexible Structures

Helping you to – Easily pivot your data

Map your cost plan to multiple standards structures including ICMS, BCIS, NRM1/2, CESMM, RMM1/2, MCHW or your own custom structure to view and report the information how you need to.

Smart Take-off

Helping you to – Measure, audit and track quantities 

Take advantage of our 2D/3D digital take-off tools to quickly extract useful measurements and attributes for later use in your calculations.  Simply add other any useful quantities manually if you wish. 

Apply rules, audit formulas and track changes as design develops with full history and version control.

Templates & Libraries

Helping you to – Reduce time and errors

Save time and effort through the use of unlimited template projects and data sets reducing the need to start from scratch on every project.

Sterling allows the user to build/import their own libraries or subscribe to a comprehensive library set consisting of ICMS, NRM1/2, RMM1 /2, CESMM4, Highways Form of Measurement, Uniclass2015, BCIS, SMM7. 

Manage all your unit rates in one place, linked to multiple structures and resource groups saving you time maintaining multiple libraries.

Easy To Use

Helping you to – Get started  

We have worked hard to make the user experience a happy one with a clear and fresh interface, customisable views, multiscreen pane docking and intuitive processes.  All backed up by simple ‘how to’ video guides and friendly UK support if you actually need us.

Multi User

Helping you to – Work together

Allowing multiple team members to collaborate on a project to create, develop and review the estimate simultaneously via user profile based permissions.

Modern Technology

Helping you to – Future proof

Sterling is proudly built on next generation zero footprint technology.  Purpose built without the limitations of legacy systems Sterling is scalable, stable, secure and open.

Hosting – powered by 100% renewable energy, big steps towards our green goals, so we can help you reach yours.

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Helping you to – Integrate

Sterling is ready to play an important role in your company and is capable of sharing high quality project data with other systems and data stores via an open API. 

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Cost & Carbon estimating
and forecasting

Sterling is a next generation, cloud-based, BIM ready, PAS 2080 compliant estimating and forecasting solution designed to help carbon conscious professionals design, plan, execute and operate more sustainably in the built environment market.

Built by and for industry professionals

Fully integrated
cost & carbon

PAS 2080 aligned calculations

2D and 3D smart
Take-off tools

Prove and improve your carbon footprint

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// About Sterling

What drives us

Did you know that approximately 40% of annual global Greenhouse Gas emissions is generated by building and operating assets, while 28% of this is embodied carbon which can only be tracked and influenced at resource level not in high level cost plans.  Professionals within the built environment sector are increasingly expected to recognise, replace, reduce or remove carbon rich activities/resources to meet Net Zero Carbon ambitions.  We know the industry needs a reliable tool to help manage this – easily.

It is time to ‘Prove and Improve’ your carbon footprint with Sterling.