Package Manager

Use the Libraries feature to create standardised work packages for use across the projects in a portfolio, and use Package Manager to apply these work packages to the project, or to create additional unique work packages for a project, Package Manager enables you to send out enquiries to multiple Delivery Partners for each work package, on which they can tender within Sterling without their own licence.

They will be provided a Delivery Partner view, with the ability to apply cost and/or carbon values to the resources and cost items within their work package, and add items where they feel they are required. This then means that all the quotes received on a work package are in the same format, for side by side comparison within Sterling. The preferred Delivery Partner rates can then be selected, and the cost plan is automatically updated. Removing any requirement for manual updates, and providing evidence on each item as to where the cost and carbon values originated.


Q & A

Yes, Cost Items which are populated based on an awarded Work Package show an Award badge, so you can easily tell which Cost Items’ cost and carbon data has been provided by a Delivery Partner.