Easily develop your Cost Plan from the top-down or bottom up within a simple to understand hierarchical structure. Use Resource Manager to make top-down alterations to cost and/or carbon values of any plant, labour, material, subcontract, and complex resources in use in the project Cost Plan. 

Update the cost and/or carbon values on a Cost Item within a Cost Plan and choose to apply these changes as an isolated change, to create a new resource which can be entered into your Library, or to all other items within the Cost Plan which were from the same original resource.

Say goodbye to multiple systems. Sterling fully integrates cost and carbon estimates with links to EPDs, work package quotes and take-off from 2D and 3D sources. The origins of all data in the Cost Plan can be traced and verified, with handy symbols assigned to provide easy visual identification of the source of the values on each cost item.

Enjoy a customisable view in Sterling’s Cost Plan, with the ability to show, hide and move various columns of data, expand columns to see their build-up data, and expand rows to see the resources, take-off quantities and details panes on each Cost Item. You can also stay within the Cost Plan and open our integrated 2D or 3D Viewer, to see where in a drawing or model the take-off quantities for any Cost Item were measured. Collaborate with colleagues  with Sterling’s multi-user feature. Multiple team members can edit any aspect of the project simultaneously, with the areas they are working in being safely locked from editing for the other team members.

Separate workload by work stage, process, work package or any other way, and work safely side by side, whether you’re side by side or not. On a truly-web based, multi-user solution, your team can seamlessly collaborate on a project from wherever they are.


Q & A

It will be highlighted in yellow on the drawing or model. Which you can navigate within the Viewer with the same navigation tools as within the Take-off module.