Steve Brunning

Meet our Founder

A Message from Steve

In 2018 having secured a project with the Environment Agency supporting ARES it dawned on me that what I had been trying to do since 1996 was now finally happening. Over 20 years later, Cost & Carbon and Life Cycle was going to happen. This was my light bulb moment, now is the time to develop my own solution, that delivered the functionality required to meet market expectations.

Sterling is now advancing at a significant pace. The foundation at the Core is Cost Planning and Estimating at the resource level, containing EPD data links, with 2D and 3D Take-off, and Package Manager for the supply chain to provide cost and carbon in a single collaborative space, providing the transparency so regularly missing from the incumbents. Our roadmap includes new features, modules and enhancements, including Life Cycle Cost & Carbon, Planning, Benchmarking, and so much more.

People may ask, why Sterling?
It’s simple, the world has to change, the amount of data is increasing, but it all starts from an estimate. Nothing more or less, and it’s now possible to do everything in one place. It’s evolution, it’s collaboration. Sterling is the future of qualified, verifiable, collaborative, transparent, SaaS based estimating, it will reduce risks and significantly increase your opportunity to be at the front of a changing world.

My History

Steve's Story

  • 1986


    Started working in Estimating, using Wessex estimating solution
  • 1992 - 2001


    Wessex estimating solution - Corporate and International Account and Sales Manager Development of a Cost & Carbon estimating and associated life cycle costing software
  • 2001 - 2010


    Established the UK subsidiary of RIB Software Expanded from the UK to USA, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand & Middle East
  • 2010 - 2018


    Rapid 5D Ltd - Founder
    Vico & Trimble Partner
  • 2018


    Rapid DCS – Founder Specialist services consultant implementing 3rd party solutions, providing data structures advice for cost estimating and management
  • 2019


    Secured a project with the EA supporting ARES

    Inspiration for Sterling – the industry is finally ready for the product idea from 1996
  • 2020 June

    Development Begins

    Established a development team in Poland Built and presented Sterling to a range of advisors, without initial support the development of Sterling ramped up
  • 2020 November

    Prototype Launch

    Soft product launch at the Project Controls Expo in London Sterling goes into full scale development
  • June 2023


    Development moves in-house with a development team beginning to grow in London
  • January 2024


    Sterling 24 Release
  • February 2024


    All development is done in the UK by a team of 18
  • 2024 ...

    Future of Sterling

    Continued development of Assemblies, Risk & Opportunity, Package Control, Project Control, Benchmarking, Analytics, EDMS, and more integrations