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Why Choose Sterling?

At Sterling we believe that technology should be integrated and efficient. Not only in their primary function, but in their interaction with other systems. 

We believe in breaking barriers for innovation. To reduce hardware requirements, we developed Sterling to be truly web­ based, enabling you to access your projects on any device, from anywhere – all you need is a secure internet connection.  

We believe in collaboration and to enable teams to work together simultaneously on a project, we developed Sterling to be multi-user. Fields in use by one user are locked for editing by other users, and live updates are seen by all team members. 

Team Collaboration

Building Together

Driving Collaboration

We believe in collaborative working by removing barriers, as well as providing trust in the accuracy of your project data. We developed our Package Manager module to enable delivery partners to provide quotes within Sterling itself.

This provides your estimating team with the ability to compare delivery partner quotes as ‘apples to apples’ as all quotes are provided in the system, in the same format, and shown side by side for effortless comparison. And you can do all this, without your delivery partners needing their own licence to Sterling, as they are provided a delivery partner portal access to just their work package.

Connect Together

Integrating Construction

We believe in automation. To reduce the requirement for administrative time and the likelihood of errors, we provide full access to open APls. This enables integration with other systems both for import and export of any data.

We believe integration streamlines processes and drives efficiency. That’s why we reduce the number of solutions in your business. With Sterling, you no longer need a separate solution for estimating, quantity surveying, tendering, Bl, dashboard reporting and carbon calculation.  

With our features roadmap, soon you will no longer need a separate solution for project controls and planning. 

Data Sharing

Build Together

The Power of Data

We believe in the power of data. To enable users to leverage all their data in various areas of Sterling we ensure that all data is stored appropriately.

We believe in user centric design, so we consulted a panel of industry members on features, functionality and user interface. Sterling has a consistent user interface, better enabling you to learn a new solution quickly as all areas of the system are displayed, manipulated, filtered and searched in the same way.

We believe the future of carbon calculation needs to be auditable, to truly know how your project compares to a benchmark, and to truly know that design and construction innovations are bringing a reduction in your carbon footprint. We developed our product to link to one of the largest EPD databases in the world and have provided highly detailed calculation fields for embodied carbon, covering all elements of modules A1-A5.