Libraries are the central hub for the management of template data. Sterling includes a variety of libraries, and an unlimited number can be created. There are built-in libraries of resources, breakdown structures, work packages and units of measurement which are included as standard. All libraries can be customised, entire custom libraries added. 

These libraries enable easy and efficient management of all data in use across a portfolio of projects. The items in these libraries can then be quickly applied to the cost planning and tendering processes, saving the time of reproducing commonly used data from project to project.

To build libraries from your existing data and processes, there are many options for the import of this information and how we can help when setting up your first project or portfolio in Sterling.

With Sterling you benefit from access to rich libraries which are fully loaded with maintained cost and carbon data, including:

  • 10,000+ Cost Items

  • 25,000+ Resources (Labour, Plant, Material & Subcontractor) linked to EPDs for A1-A5 Carbon data

  • 8,500+ Complex Resources


Q & A

Yes, as part of our services for our users, we can add additional structures at request to the Libraries.

Yes, as part of our services for our users, we can migrate your custom Libraries to other portfolios.