Sterling’s 2D and 3D Take-off features enable swift and easy extract of data and production of quantities for use in the Cost Plan. All measurements can be easily edited, and not all measurements taken must be made accessible to the Cost Plan, enabling the user to create an organised, and clean view of take-off items within the Cost Plan. 

All areas of Take-off, from the measurement list, to the Take-off Items list within Take-off and within the Cost Plan, are searchable by text or by large range of filters and groupings to further increase the speed and ease of use.

The revisioning feature produces a visual representation of the changes between revisions of both drawings and models, and provides a detailed report of the impacts of quantity changes on the cost and carbon values in the Cost Plan before committing the revision to the project. It will also take a snapshot of the project at each revision, to enable you to return the project to any previous iteration of the Cost Plan, or simply to view and interrogate the iterations of changes at a later date.


2D Take-off

3D Take-off

Q & A

So long as your CDE solution offers access to their APIs, yes you can. If you would like us to investigate this with your CDE provider, or to produce the link for you, let us know.

Yes, you can move forwards and backwards any number of revisions at any time, either by changing the current revision of the drawing or model, or by returning to a previous state of the cost plan by using Snapshots.