April 2024

Sterling Product Update

April 2024

We’re excited to introduce a series of enhancements aimed at streamlining your workflow and enhancing your experience within Sterling. Our latest release brings a range of features designed to provide you with greater flexibility, efficiency, and control over your projects. 

Estimate Import 

We’ve enhanced our Excel (and CSV) importer to make it even easier to import and map existing Bill of Quantities (In Fall), Cost Plans, and Breakdown Structures to your projects seamlessly. 

New Navigation 

We’ve further improved our navigation system to optimise screen real estate and enhance usability when working on your Cost Plans, Bill of Quantities, and more: 

  •  Folding Navigation Bar: Enjoy more space for your work with a collapsible navigation bar.

    • Folding Navigation Bar: Enjoy more space for your work with a collapsible navigation bar. 
    • Hover Overs: Quickly access additional information with helpful hover over tooltips.
    • Clean and Precise Design: Navigate with confidence thanks to our clean and precise design, ensuring you always know where you are in your project. 

Multiple File Uploader

Uploading files is now easier than ever with our multiple file uploader: 

    • Upload Multiple Files: Seamlessly upload multiple files at once, saving you time and effort. 
    • Drag and Drop Functionality: Simply drag and drop files from your desktop directly into Sterling, simplifying the upload process.

Package Manager Enhancements

Our Package Manager has received several upgrades to enhance your project management capabilities: 

    • Compare Cost & Carbon Submissions from Subcontractors: Easily compare cost and carbon submissions from subcontractors for better decision-making.
    • Plugged Rates: Benefit from plugged rates to streamline your cost estimating process.
    • Artificial Bidders (Low/Average/High): Utilise artificial bidders to simulate different bidding scenarios, empowering you to make informed decisions about project costs. 

We’re committed to providing you with the tools and features you need to succeed in the construction industry. These enhancements represent our ongoing dedication to delivering a best-in-class experience with Sterling. 

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