May 2024

Sterling Product Update

May 2024

We’re excited to introduce a series of enhancements aimed at streamlining your workflow and enhancing your experience within Sterling. Our latest release brings a range of features designed to provide you with greater flexibility, efficiency, and control over your projects. 


Life Cycle – Cost or Carbon

A new toggle has been added to make selecting between a Cost, Carbon, or Cost & Carbon view easier. Now, at the click of just one button, you can toggle the Cost or Carbon value columns on or off.  This will enhance the user experience where multiple teams work on the same estimate or the ability to focus purely on Cost or Carbon to meet your organisation’s requirements.

Life Cycle – Carbon Finalisation

This month’s updates introduce the same Finalisation functionality seen in project cost estimating into Life Cycle Carbon, providing the ability to apply risk and opportunity factors as mark-ups to the Life Cycle Carbon summary values. This will enable more detailed Life Cycle Assessments to be conducted.

 Life Cycle – Structure Mapping

Sterling is user-centric, and the consistent UI across all modules of Sterling is key to ensuring a minimal learning curve in taking up a new solution and the evolution from Cost Estimating to Cost & Carbon Estimating. So as part of the enhancements to Sterling’s Life Cycle module, this month sees the addition of the ability to map your Life Cycle workbook Cost Items to structures from your Library such as NRM and ICMS as you would with your Cost Plan, to produce both flat and structured views of the data.

Bill Importer 

We have enhanced the Importer in our Cost Plan screen to enable you to import your BoQ by mapping your data fields to Sterling’s along with your project breakdown structure.

Our new UI simplifies the process and shows validation messages and easy-to-understand error messages for any data issues that may need to be rectified (if there are any!).

  • Cost Plan: Additional columns added to the Cost Plan enable users to see the Cost Plan Structure aligned with the Work Packages.

  • Package Manager: When you receive additional items from the contractor/subcontractor, Sterling enables you to see the below the line items separately from the rest of the package. You can choose your method of Spreading the Adjustment total across the rest of the package.

  • Package Manager: To enhance collaboration and accuracy of the carbon calculations on your projects, Delivery Partners can include carbon values as well as cost when submitting their quotes.

Want to see the new features in action ?

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